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I try to find the simplest solution that brings about a compelling image. When working non-objectively or abstractly I often use thick black outlines to celebrate and investigate the power of line.

Applying intense color is an irresistible indulgence that sets up a challenge to explore the boundary where powerful pigments can either uphold balance in the image, or disrupt it.

Painting for me is an opportunity to re-invent the world. It is an act of love, defiance and joy. It is always my hope that a finished painting conquers boredom and indifference, delights the senses, and emotionally and spiritually fulfills the viewer. Why think small?

Since this goal is elusive, I set out to accomplish it on the painting at hand, and falling short of that, vow to achieve it on the next one. After all, nothing less than the meaning of life is at stake.


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